Echo Poem

Photo art of and by Jac Harmony


She was a black rose during the day and a red rose at night. She became red from the blood of those who recklessly reached for her beauty, without first getting to know her thorns.

A Prose Poem

Gwen Kind — Unsplash

Prose Poem

Ellie Burgin — Pexels

serenity_seeker — Pixabay

andreaaltini — Pixabay

An Acrostic ‘Golden Shovel’ Poem

Syaibatulhamdi — Pixabay

JephtheArt – Pixabay

Constanza Poem

Amin RK — Unsplash

Jac Harmony

Reader of beautiful words and a dreamer of creating literary art. I love to explore and try my hand at different poetry forms. Every moment is a muse!

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